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Raquel Hill 2023


Pluviophile / Logophile / Multipotentialite

Raquel Hill is creativity personified.

Hey there, say hi to Raquel Hill! She's not your typical executive – she's all about getting stuff done and positively impacting young folks' lives through extraordinary community and education projects. Raquel is a super strategic, servant-hearted, and game-changing leader. She's all about giving her teammates the tools they need to rock it.
Oh, and she's a total whiz at rebranding and making businesses look awesome. Seriously, she's like the queen of that. Plus, she's got this knack for helping non-profit groups and making communities shine nationwide.

 Raquel has a wealth of experience in the non-profit sector, having worked on community development initiatives in Clarksdale, Mississippi, Gadsden County, Florida, New Haven, Connecticut, and South Seattle. Raquel played an instrumental role in rebranding the Atlanta Black Chambers and has worked with non-profits such as The Launch Pad ATL, Women University, and Kindred Healing Center. 

The Atlanta Black Chamber's Arts and Entertainment Committee is involved in the advocacy for the arts and entertainment industry, networking opportunities, organizing events and programming, community engagement, business support, and policy and regulation. Raquel is your go-to person for solving problems and leading the pack. She's been the superhero behind helping local small businesses and non-profits switch things up and build cool stuff. She's excellent at calming conflicts, creating rules that make sense, and teaching companies how to be their best.

She's all about making things happen. Those same incredible skills she uses to rock the business world, she also brings to the table when she's making organizations and communities even more extraordinary. Oh, and her secret weapon? A trusty pen that helps her dream up unique ways to make things work even better.

BTW, Raquel's beaten breast cancer and changed the game. She's not just going along with how things are – she's all about shaking things up in the best way. She's like a champ in making things run smoother for her clients.

She studied Organizational Behavior and Management at the University of Phoenix, plus she's certified in all kinds of awesome things like counseling peeps, leading group sessions, and helping people deal with risks. And guess what? She's also the big shot in charge of the Art and Entertainment Committee at the Atlanta Black Chamber.
Over her crazy 25+ year career, Raquel's mastered Marketing Research, running shops and restaurants, and being a total rockstar in the non-profit world. She's the genius behind Raquel Hill and Company, plus many other fabulous brands like At Sixocloque, Paper Jam, Raw Kale Hill, and Natural Abilities.

Raquel's not just a boss lady – she's also got a heart of gold. She's all about making communities solid and self-reliant. And when she's not taking over the world, you can find her busting a move in dance class, tending to her garden, and living by her motto that she can do anything she puts her mind to.

She's living it up in Atlanta, hanging out with her awesome son Kamryn, and even making trips to Washington, DC, to catch up.

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