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What would you say to your 3 year self?

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

This question is often asked when folks are going through a transition.

Well first of all, she is three, so there would probably be some cookies, a baby doll and some playdoh involved.

Even at the age of three I was super creative.

Adult reflection: I have had many transitions in my lifetime.

I switched careers about 20 times

State Job to Fast Food

Fast Food to Retail

Retail to Call Center

I moved from Trenton to Atlanta, Georgia,

then back to Trenton and back to Atlanta.

I lost jobs, started new jobs

Found a lump in my left breast

beat cancer

fell in love

had a boy

had a girl



I would tell little Raquel that it all works out in the end; just hold tight.

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Davontae Hunt
Davontae Hunt
Dec 20, 2022

It all works out in the end. I love it.

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